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Burglar Alarm  | Be Safe Security Alarms INC

The threat of home invasion is a fear nearly every homeowner can relate to. Whether carried out as a precaution or preventative measure, the installment...

Security Alarm  | Be Safe Security Alarms INC

A professionally installed security alarm system can often mean the difference between becoming a victim of home intrusion or an unscathed survivor of a...

Fire Alarm  | Be Safe Security Alarms INC

Just as important as protecting your home or business from the unwanted threats of potential break-ins and intrusions, the risk of fire and...

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Operating in the Vero Beach, FL area, Be Safe Security Alarms INC is your one-stop destination for dedicated customer service and all your residential and commercial security-related needs. With a wide variety of services including burglar, home security and fire alarms, as well overall security system installation and maintenance, the safety of you and your property is of our greatest concern.

In business for over 30 years, Be Safe Security Alarms INC offers professional security against burglary, unwanted intrusion, and material damages to your home or business. A testament to our ability and commitment to customer satisfaction, our foremost objective is to provide you with the peace of mind only offered through assured and reliable security system functionality.

With many options available, we offer you the unique ability to equip your home or business with a system specifically tailored to fit your individual needs. With wired, wireless, monitored and unmonitored options to choose from, we here at Be Safe Security Alarms INC are guaranteed to have a system just right for you and your budget. Contact us today.